About Mémora

Business information

Mémora belongs to Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan (OTTP) and it is the first group in the Iberian Peninsula in funeral services, funeral homes, crematoriums and cemeteries. In the last years Mémora has won different public bids for the construction and later use of funeral homes, crematoriums and cemeteries. 


  • 1.350 employees
  • 130 funeral homes
  • 28 crematoriums
  • 23 cemeteries
  • 233 contracting offices
  • 46.000 annual services
  • 41.000 use of our wake rooms
  • 16.000 annual cremations
  • Turnover: 153 million

Non-financial information statement: See document here

Thanks to an important investment effort carried out in the last years, building new facilities and acquisition of other funeral companies, Mémora is present in 21 provinces in Spain. 

Grupo Mémora, through Servilusa, is leader also in Portugal, with a market share of 5,5%. Servilusa makes more than 5.500 services and has 300 employees.